Tapiolan talli stables

Riding Hours Summer 2020

TUE: 10-12 AM

WED: 10-12 AM

THU: 3-5 PM

FRI: 10-12 AM

SAT: 10-12 AM

…or as agreed

Separately €25 (incl VAT 10%)

Our Horses

Kuusi – 13 yrs. Finnhorse

Liina – 18 yrs. Finnhorse

Amina – 13 yrs. Shagya Arabian

Wise – 20 yrs. German Riding Pony

Pieni – 12 yrs. Shetland pony


Riding lessons take place in the field in small groups, and in the surrounding area on quiet bridle paths. Our horses live a natural team life in a paddock with plenty of space. In the summer they also graze.

We respect the privacy of the animals and their typical behaviour. In addition to the horses, we have dogs, cats, chickens and a rooster. All our animals greet visitors in a friendly way and expect the same kindness and respect in return.

Contact Info and Inquiries

The farm is closed on weekdays from 6 PM à , Saturdays from noon à and all Sundays+holidays.

Call/SMS from 8 AM to 6 PM:

+358 400 644450

or e-mail


Tapiolan talli stables
Kellankoskentie 110, Konnevesi, Suomi